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What's New?

We will add progressively to Roy's story, as we follow the myriad leads already there and in the light of new information (!) received. Additions will generally be made as new links out from the main document, and to save fans the bother of searching through the text to find them, links are provided here to points where such additions have been made.

Date of additionDescription
Mar 2002The time line for Part 2, and a request for input.
Mar 2002A list of the aircraft types Roy flew as test pilot.
Mar 2002Some editorial corrections (not linked).
Feb 2002The squadron badge and a few more facts about 331 Squadron.
Jan 2002A little more on Conrad Mohr.
Dec 2001Higher resolution image of Coloba Reinforcement Camp, with the names of those who were there on 30 Aug 1941.