331 Squadron

The Badge of 331 (Norwegian) Squadron, Royal Air Force

The result of best efforts to present 331 Squadron's Badge is shown above. It is processed from a photograph of a plaque Roy owns.

A much better result could be achieved, if some kind person were to sponsor this very badge with the Royal Air Force Heraldry Trust. The Trust has been established to research, blazon and reproduce all heraldic devices granted to the RAF, ultimately to form a single, unimpeachable reference source on the subject. A fascinating business, and the cost of sponsorship is modest. Find out more at the RAF Heraldry Trust web site.

The squadron formed at Catterick in July 1941, equipped initially with Hurricanes. The subsequent transfers to Spitfire II then Spitfire V culminated with Spitfire IX in October 1942. With a job well done, the squadron left Twente (B106) for Stavanger on 22 May 1945.

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