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The Coloba Group

The group that travelled together from Odessa to Coloba Reinforcement Camp, Bombay, India is shown here with the Norwegian Consul of the time, Konsul Alsand, in a photograph taken on or about 30th August, 1941. The image is a compromise between file size and clarity; I have a version at much higher resolution. Three members of the group are said to be missing from the photograph, being absent in the city at the time it was taken. Their names are not on the following list. Equally, although the names purport to be in the sequence of faces in the photograph, top left to bottom right, one name is missing from the list.

The men were mostly seafarers; three were pilots, identified as (P). The names are:
Lund, Watvedt(P), Jakobsen, Armskoug, Carlson, Bjömås, Halvorsen, Knutsen, Björnestad, Vestby, Bjali, Hansen // Hubred, Willard, Johansen, Sandvik, Evensen, Karlsen, Kohren, Kristoffersen, Söhe, Anker Jensen, Gram, Hauge // Jensen, Severinsen, Mohr(P), Ramberg, Skog, Konsul Alsand, Blindheim, Valund, Smith, Uri, Lerfall, Bergby // Myhre, Borch, Tilseth(P), Torp, Lorentsen, Oldernes.